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Dream11 tips & Trick

Dream11 is the greatest name with regards to Fantasy Sports where you can play from Cricket to Kabaddi. Basically, you can win cash rewards at every level. You can earn lots of money using your gaming skill, Apart from all of these, You get rewards and discount coupon

Best Fantasy Tips and Tricks:

You can create multiple dream teams from an account:

In Dream11, You can create 11 dream team, and all dream team helps to increase the chances of winning, you can also create multiple accounts with different numbers to increase the chances of winnings.

Playing Small Leagues rather than Grand Leagues:

Except if you are not extremely certain about winning, don’t choose Grand Leagues as there will be lakhs of players. All things considered, choose Small Leagues where the odds of you winning is the more, Best way to earn paytm cash from fantasy


The main factor here is the toss. The entire elements of the dream team change dependent on the aftereffect of the toss. In the event that the stronger team is batting first, you can pick a team with more batsmen from the stronger team. If they choose batting second, it is all set with more bowlers from the same team.

Dream11 also has plus point they allow to change the team after the toss, and this one makes your team more perfect, and also this one is the major plus point for fantasy users, So wait for the toss announcement and make your team accordingly.

Dream11 Points System:

At this time and everyday lunches, new fantasy is the same as Dream11 but, the points system varies in all app, before playing must note down how the points system listed, you need to pick your team wisely, there are extra points for an economy rat, maiden and the strike-rate for the player.

Try to pick more impactful players:

Regardless of their structure, a couple of star players are a significant choice in the dream team since they can bounce back easily. For instance, Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson bobs back to scoring ways simpler than others.

Picking your Captain:

You should be more cautious here in light of the fact that your skipper and bad habit Captain since they snatch you a greater number of focuses than the normal player. In this manner, it is in every case great to go with an all-rounder here in light of the fact that they can get us focuses from the two fronts. Another astute decision is a wicketkeeper. In the event that the Keeper is an incredible structure, it is all set with him/her since he/she can contribute with the gloves as well.

Track which team is going to win the match:

One more factor is that you should know about the player who has joined your opposition. Dream11 permits you to see the profile of the major parts of your team where you can see their level, their exhibitions as well. Along these lines, you can choose if you need to join the challenge depending on how great they are.

Try to join more contests without wasting your money in a single contest.

It’s everybody’s fantasy to win a major challenge. Many couldn’t care less about the sum they are putting resources into yet by the day’s end, you shouldn’t lose money. Hence, it is all set with various challenges as opposed to putting all your cash in a solitary challenge.

Make multiple teams:

The possibility of you winning a challenge is exceptionally less when you have gotten together with a solitary team. All things being equal, pick numerous teams for a solitary challenge. Dream11 permits you to choose up to 11 teams for a solitary match.

Deposit Cash :

Most of the fantasy give you some extra bonus & rewards on deposit, Keep track this type of the offers and also use it.

Do research ongoing Match:

Before joining any match, you should have a piece of fundamental information about the teams and the major parts of the teams just as the conditions, pitch. In the event that you have time, you can do all the examinations all alone and in the event that you don’t have a lot of time, it is a great idea to follow various gateways and Telegram stations of today cricket coordinate expectation specialists.

Joining Head-to-Head:

Head to Head is the best contest for fantasy users and more impactful for every user as per our suggestion you all have to try once a time head-to-head contest, keep track opponent’s profile first then join.

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